Project X


This whitepaper is considered an evergreen document - meaning it will be continually edited and updated over time as the project evolves.
We are the X-Collective, a community-driven team and project space for new possibilities in the ever-expanding DeFi universe. Project X is what unites us, as we distill our experiences into creating a vehicle for everyone to participate in creating a sustainable passive income fueled by innovations in the cryptosphere.
Project X originally arose out of a number of closed Telegram groups and longtime StrongBlock investors who came together in 2021 to exchange strategies on the latest opportunities in DeFi. Witnessing the success of StrongBlock, we wondered: what if we could create a project with the same reliable passive income stream for holders, but anchored by the foundational question, "how do we make this sustainable?" instead of "how do we make a quick pump?"
As more and more forks began to appear, we realized it was time to act. With the collective knowledge and spirit of our group, we decided we could create a more ethical DaaS/NaaS project, and our X-periment was born.
Out of our groups, we called forth the 100 Founders—a group of seasoned, influential, and knowledgeable DeFi crypto vets who would help provide a strong base for the future of the X-Collective. The 100 Founders come from all parts of this planet and of the crypto universe, united in the collective vision of a sustainable, inclusive, ethical, and community-driven passive income project.
By starting with a large collective, we could harness the power of the hive mind. The initial liquidity was raised in a very distributed way. This allowed for a safer and more equitable start for the project, as no one holder would have too much power. While working with such a large number of people can have its challenges, we wouldn’t trade it for anything. Our collective knowledge and engaged community is our strength.
Cream always rises to the top, and the X-Collective continues to grow thanks to the skills of its exceptional members. Many of these have joined after launch, and our community continues to expand. We’re excited to see how the Collective evolves, and we hope you’ll join us.